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Sacred lands preservation and education

Sacred Lands Preservation and Education is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that hosts events at the Anderson Mound site. Its mission is to preserve and protect the mound, and to promote awareness of the site within the community through public events including music, guest speaker presentations, and workshops.

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Florida’s trail of indian heritage

The Trail of Florida’s Indian Heritage is a collection of national, state, and local parks, tourist attractions, and museums that you can visit in throughout Florida featuring Native American culture and heritage.

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Central gulf coast archaeological society

Central Gulf Coast Archaeological Society is the Tampa Bay chapter of the Florida Anthropological Society. They are a state-chartered non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of Florida’s great cultural heritage.

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Discover florida tours youtube channel

I make videos about Florida history and travel with a special interest in Native American heritage.

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Florida public archaeology network

FPAN’s mission is to promote and facilitate the stewardship, public appreciation, and value of Florida’s archaeological heritage through regional centers, partnerships, and community engagement.

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The jungle country club history project

Curated by local historian “Steve of the Jungle,” this blog is an amazing compendium of fascinating information for those interested in the rich history of the “Jungle” region of St. Petersburg.

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